We finally have a confirmed date for the release of my new CD ‘A Willing Heart’, on the Breakin’ Records label. April 12th, 2010 the CD will be released and the single ‘Got What It Takes’ will be sent to radio via Super Radio Tracker Lauren Tutty and Lauren Tutty Promotions. We looking forward to working with Lauren and her team.

Breakin’ Records and my management company, Entertainment Music Group just finished spending three days at Canadian Music Week in downtown Toronto at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. It was a great time to meet new people but also the chance catch up with industry people from my past, some I haven’t seen or talked to in many years, but most of which played a huge role in shaping my music career.

Firstly, to see my good friend and original publisher, Brian Chater, was amazing. Brian was responsible for me moving to Toronto all those years ago, when he signed me to a writing contract with Irving/Almo Publishing. Truth be told, when we were both in Montreal, Brian was responsible for me eating most weeks!!! The fact that my producer Bill Hill and his guitarist son Andrew Hill were both there from Montreal added to the nostalgia. Brian, Bill and I all worked together in Montreal. And now we all start on a new project. Everything old is new again.

I got to meet the fabulous and aforementioned Lauren Tutty of Lauren Tutty Promotions who, as I said, will be tracking our record next month. What a great lady! I just met her but feel like I’ve known her forever. And Joe Wood of RDR Promotions, a great Canadian music man who also works hand in hand with Lauren Tutty. Dave Leonard was there as well, he of TREBAS, the music learning institute, fame.

There was Slash and Sass, Jordan that is! The super talented Paul Williams, Donnie Schlitz, the writer of The Gambler, Bill Delingat of Cashbox Magazine Canada, Sandy Graham and Rose Mary Learn of The Entertainment Music Group. Also met Paige Cofrin from Luna Chica records in Nashville, Tennesee.

Also got to see a young up and coming talent named, simply, ZACH from Winnipeg. Keep your eyes and ears open for him. He could end up being a label mate on Breakin’ Records!

All in all it was great conference and now it’s time to kick it all up a notch and really get this thing rockin’!

Talk to you soon and thanks for listening!!