As a songwriter I sometimes like to stretch the boundaries of my normal pattern of writing. I usually write about things in my life or observations of things happening to the people around me.

A few years ago I was at concert of a quartet from Scotland and although I couldn't understand most of their songs, I did understand the Paul McCartney song Mull of Kintyre. My mother was from Scotland so I had grown up hearing tales of the ‘Old Country’ and it’s beauty and the passion of it’s people.

So that night I went home, picked up my old flat top and started writing my own Scottish ode.

Within twenty minutes I had a verse and a chorus of ‘Pipes and the Mist’. I recorded it on my little Korg D-4 and played it back and knew I had something. I had never written anything like this before, lyrically or chord structure wise, so it kind of fooled some folks . In fact numerous people who know my work, questioned if I had written it!!

The song has since been recorded by Hugo Straney and because of it, I've written ‘The Calling Of The Clans’ with Scotsman Harry MacGregor and ‘Crossing Borders’ with Gavin Gourlay from Stonehaven, Scotland.

One day I would like to do a Celtic CD, with all originals.

My management team, industrious folks at The Entertainment Music Group, headed up by my sister Sandy Graham, got a version of ‘Pipes and the Mist’ to Andrew Ross in Scotland and he played it on his radio show. We have added it to the website for you to hear. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for listening!!!