I Just Called Him Dad

Don Graham is a road worn singer/songwriter, journalist and storyteller, getting his start in the recording industry as an artist in the 70’s with MCA records. His first release resulted in a Pick Hit in the prestigious Cashbox Magazine. 

When not touring, Don was writing songs and in 1980 signed on as a  staff writer with Irving/Almo Publishing, the publishing arm of A&M Records. He wrote songs for Canada’s Rock N Roll legend Bobby Curtola and others and in 2010 recorded the critically acclaimed album A Willing Heart.

A song he wrote called Scars That You Can’t See, an anti- bullying song , was recorded by LGBT artist Drake Jensen and racked up an astonishing 260,000 views on You Tube. A song called I Still Got My Dreams is slated to be included in a David Parker movie later this year.

Don has been a contributing journalist for Cashbox Magazine Canada for the last 8 years and his rapport with the artists as a brethren makes for insightful, candid interviews.

His latest single I Just Called Him Dad was recorded in Muscle Shoals with legendary producer Norbert Putnam.