After a winter of cold and snow who wouldn’t want to get away to a place where the only ice you see is in the drink that’s in your hand. Singer/songwriter Don Graham has just such an escape in mind with his whimsical Gulf and Western hit ‘Not Much Happening Place’.

In his new single Don takes you to a place where “time isn’t measured in hours, you know it’s morning when the sun comes up” to a place where nobody cares if you fall asleep in your chair and there are no demands on your time. Some insiders have labeled the song “the summer hit of 2015” and “destined to be a timeless record, playable at the beach at the cottage in the middle of summer or on a tropical beach in the dead of winter.

‘And another quote was “the only thing wrong with this record is it’s not long enough, only 2 minutes. But then I just listened again.”

So grab your sunscreen and favourite folding chair and join Don Graham in a ‘Not Much Happening Place’.

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