Hey everybody. Just a short blog to bring everyone up to speed. We are coming up on some exciting things that I will go into more detail on a little later. The new album will be ready shortly and is going to be a 20 song collection called Cover Me. These are all tunes I would love to see other artists cover and have hits with Stay tuned. In September we will showcasing in Edmonton for CCMA's with some fine young talent, Billy J White, Carli and Juli Kennedy and the talented Mike Trudell to name a few. When we get back we have the debut of a new show at Donald Quan's Musideum in downtown Toronto on Sept 25th. The show is an homage to the great country songs of the past from the 50's to the the 90's when country was country. It's called How I Love Them Old Songs. Again stay tuned for details. Will be back soon , in the meantime take good care of yourselves and each other.